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Dedicated to making your lawn beautiful!

We can build a beautiful lawn for you with any of the services we offer! We want to help make your lawn healthy and beautiful! Lawns do more than make your yard look good Lawns absorb and hold water, which helps reduce storm runoff and improve water quality. Lawns also have a significant cooling effect, provide oxygen, trap dust and dirt, promote healthful microorganisms, prevent erosion and filter rainwater contaminants.

We Need Your Help Too

We can build a beautiful lawn for you, but we also need your help. Our program is designed to rid your lawn of unsightly weeds and unwanted grasses and to multiply the existing turf into a thick and beautiful lawn. That means, primarily cutting and watering the lawn properly. Cutting too deep into the leaf causes the plant's fluids to "flow" and can result in major damage to your lawn. The combination of our lawn program and proper lawn maintenance can result in a beautiful, green & healthy lawn. Below are some tips for proper lawn maintenance

Organic-Based Fertilization

We Need Your Help Too!

Watering Regularly

Water your lawn after 24 hours from time of application a lawn program.

WATERING - Not normally a problem in the Duluth area until mid-summer, but here's a basic guide:

Mowing Appropriately

MOW REGULARLY - This does not necessarily mean every Saturday morning. Frequency of cutting depends on the rate of growth. (Our lawn maintenance crews cut lawns in intervals every 4 to 7 days.) Never allow your lawn to grow to the point where you cut more than 1/3 of the leaf.

CUTTING - A dull blade is the worst offender, which tears the grass instead of cutting it clean. Tearing the grass will result in a brownish coloration cast over the lawn. Keep your blade sharp. Sharpen blades in the spring and again in mid summer.

BAG OR RAKE CLIPPINGS - Not necessary when the grass is cut properly (1/3 or less leaf). Cut opposite directions back and forth across your lawn and leave the clippings where they are. They will nourish the lawn as they deteriorate.

OUCH! Please raise your mower blade to cut at 2-1/2 inches minimum height.