Chinch Bug Control Service

We have found that once a lawn is diagnosed with a Chinch Bug over-population, an annual, two-treatment program is necessary to keep these bugs from over-populating again. Chinch Bug infested lawns that have received timely annual insecticide treatments have had great success in minimizing the return of these bugs in damaging numbers.

Maintaining a well fertilized and nutrient rich lawn is the best prevention against Chinch Bug damage. We are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the Chinch Bug infestation or your lawn care in general.

What is a Chinch Bug?

Chinch Bugs are a small flying insect, about 3/16" long. The adult Chinch Bug has a black body with short shiny white wings, while the young insect is orange in color. Bugs are common lawn pests that cause serious damage to lawn turf by sucking the fluid from the grass at its root and crown while at the same time injecting the plant with toxic saliva causing the grass to wilt and die.

The Chinch Bug is a natural part of your lawn’s eco-system and, when at normal population, is not damaging to your lawn. However, at times our geological area experiences a breeding cycle which can produce the Chinch Bug more rapidly than the environment can tolerate. The result of this over-population is the appearance of irregular, small, yellow-reddish, round "dead" areas in your lawn.

There are generally 2-3 egg-laying generations of Chinch Bugs each year, with each generation causing more damage than the last. We suggest, the best way to control this bug is with the recommended 2 scheduled insecticide treatments. The first treatment would be done during early-mid June, after the first hatching of the season, but before the female is able to lay her eggs (of which she is capable of laying 300 at a time!). A second treatment would follow approximately 3-5 weeks later. These two treatments will normally control the Chinch Bug population for the season. Occasionally, a third treatment may be required.

Our Commitment To Safety

Evergreen Lawn Service is committed to the health and safety of its employees, customers and the public, as well as the protection of the environment. All materials are applied in label recommended solutions. Treatments are applied by Trained, Licensed & Certified Applicators in Minnesota & Wisconsin.

Evergreen Lawn Service applications provide the advantage of professional handling and application of these materials. The names, concentrations and labels of all materials used are available upon request.