Tree & Shrub Service

Why do my trees and shrubs need fertilization? 

Trees and shrubs typically don’t get the amount of nutrients that they need to nourish and reach their maximum potential. Often trees and shrubs are planted in areas where there is too much competition for the nutrients found naturally in the environment. Inadequate rainfall, insufficient drainage, soil compaction, a lack of mulch (which helps retain moisture), and threat of disease are all common challenges that trees and shrubs face. By having fertilizer injected into the feeder roots you can help strengthen the overall health of your trees and shrubs, and improve the overall appeal of your landscape. 

Why do my trees and shrub need Insect/Disease applications? 

During the growing season your trees and shrubs face many different insect and disease threats. This can often promote disease to set in. We combat this by inspecting all the trees and shrubs at each application. After inspection we apply a systemic foliar spray, absorbed through the leaves and body of the plant, which treats any insects or diseases. 

Tree and Shrub Problems 

This list contains some of the most common insect and disease problems in Minnesota. Our program can provide control for the following problems. 

Trees & Associated Insects or Diseases

Our Commitment To Safety

Evergreen Lawn Service is committed to the health and safety of its employees, customers and the public, as well as the protection of the environment. All materials are applied in label recommended solutions. Treatments are applied by Trained, Licensed & Certified Applicators in Minnesota & Wisconsin.

Evergreen Lawn Service applications provide the advantage of professional handling and application of these materials. The names, concentrations and labels of all materials used are available upon request.